Dubai based Retail Design and Production Company, Alpha Nero is the expert in bringing innovative and refreshing ideas to stand out of the market thank to its managing team having experience in hospitality management, luxury industry and branding strategy.
We offer extensive manufacturing capability from design up to production and installation all around the GCC countries. With a solid foundation in shop-fitting and retail merchandising, we focus on high-quality level in the manufacture of shop furniture’s /shop-in-shop/ pop-up stores for some of the most prestigious brands in the market. Our expertise brought by a dedicated European team focuses on our client’s needs and requirements. At Alpha Nero our quest for perfection, compliance with time limit and project management along with the experience of the GCC market makes up our added value.
We are a strategic partner in incubating, trendsetting, and thinking outside the box for your project to come true.


Design and Art department

From early in pre-production, the production designer collaborates with the management after client’s brief to establish the visual feel and specific aesthetic needs of the project. The production designer guides key staff in technical departments to establish a unified visual appearance to the project. Our talented European team works with the production designer to implement the scenic elements of that vision.



The production department is responsible for ensuring quality in each item produced.They carry out inspections and implement suitable quality initiatives.To maintain a high quality standard we can rely on our experiencedand skilled carpenters, painters,electricians, screen printers and machine operators.

One Stop Factory

One Stop Factory

Located in International Media Production Zone, we are equipped with high-tech production facilities over 8,000sqft. Thanks to our expertise we are mastering all types of merchandising solutions, retail projects, and promotional events.

Branding strategy

Branding Strategy

Your brand is more than your logo, name or slogan — it’s the entire experience your prospects and customers have with your company, product or service. We are here to enhance the shopping experience, give birth to the universe reflecting your company’s project. Allowing you to achieve your development plans.




Ensure the wellbeing of our employees and workers. Especially in hard living and working conditions of laborers in UAE due to excessive heat, we are committed to ensure the respect of working hours, breaks, laundry, decent accommodation, excellent medical insurance coverage, security policy (protection masks, ventilated manufacture, safety gloves and shoes, rest room with table, chairs, fridge, beds for lunch break).

Human Rights

We have chosen the Ngo Humanium that focuses on eradicating child labor in India to participate financially with a yearly donation.


We are committed not to use any pollutant products in our production process. We implement procedures in order to reduce the carbon foot print choosing local materials providers and to controlling electricity and water consumption.


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